About Us

Dental Practices:

Take the “ACHE” out of Dental Staffing, StaffDental eliminates the need for a staffing agency. Register your practice and automatically send out a text and e-mail notification to staffs and professionals in your area. Fill your staffing needs in real-time, with the simple click of a button. Registration is FREE for Dental Practices!

Temporary Staffing

Use StaffDental to quickly fill temporary positions before-hand or at the last minute. StaffDental will quickly connect your practice with dental staffs, sending out text and e-mail alerts in real-time to fill your position in minutes. StaffDental is ideal for one day staff assignments, sick or medical leave, maternity leave, jury duty, or finding additional staff for those “busy days”! REGISTER NOW.

Temp-To-Permanent Staffing

Like any successful business, company culture and chemistry is important in building the right team. Use StaffDental to bring in temporary staff to find the right fit for your practice. Give your interested candidates an audition first, use staffs for your position before you decide to hire a staff member full-time! REGISTER NOW.

Permanent Staffing

When you need to add permanent member to your team, the search process can be time-consuming and staffing agencies can be expensive! Use StaffDental to quickly screen and automatically connect with qualified professionals in your area, in real-time! REGISTER NOW.

Dental Professionals and Job Seekers:

StaffDental is the place for Dental Hygienists, Dental Assistants, Administrative Professionals, Dentists, and recent graduates to connect with Dental Practices who are in need of staff! Receive real-time text and e-mail notifications, when a practice in your area has a position available. StaffDental is always FREE for Dental Professionals!

Temporary Positions

Register with StaffDental to receive notifications and be alerted by practices in your area when there is the need for a staff. Being a staff is perfect for gaining experience, building your resume, earning extra income, or someone looking to get a “foot in the door” with local Dental Practices. REGISTER NOW.

Temp-To-Permanent Positions

Finding a full-time position isn’t always easy! Register with StaffDental to receive real-time text and e-mail alerts for openings in your area. Gain an edge over the competition in searching for a full-time Dental Position. Many practices will use staffs before they hire, use StaffDental to gain experience staffing, while having the opportunity to increase your chance of becoming full-time with the practice of your choice! REGISTER NOW.

Permanent Positions

Register with StaffDental to get ahead of the competition, local Dental Practices will be able to see your qualifications and alert you in real-time when there is an opening at their practice. In the meantime you can have the opportunity to staff, make extra money, while getting your name and foot in the door with Dental Practices in your area. REGISTER NOW.